O & H Seven Sister Coffee Cake Gift

3 June 2013 in Gourmet Coffee Cakes

Danish people are closely linked to the sea because Denmark is a peninsula in northern Europe and is surrounded by the North Sea. Navigation by stars was the method used by sailors and explorers to find their way. The O & H Danish Bakery’s Seven Sister Coffee Cake is aptly named after the star cluster Pleiades and Greek mythology of the Seven Sisters of Pleiades. The Seven Sister Coffee Cake is made by layering Danish pastry dough, creamed almond filling, custard and seven spiraled rolls. Brought to you by Wisconsinmade.com. Note: Please allow a minimum of 24 hours after your order is placed for the items to be baked and prepared for shipping.

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  • Classic Danish pasty with creamy almond filling and smooth custard baked into seven sprialed rolls.
  • Named after a prominent constellation of stars called the Seven Sisters of Pleiades
  • Seven Sisters Coffee Cake has been a favorite at O&H Danish Bakery for over 60 years.
  • Please allow minimum of 24 hours after order is placed for items to be baked and prepared to ship.
  • Between May 1 and Sept. 30, orders only ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
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3 June 2013 Gourmet Coffee Cakes