Kilambé Coffee – Medium Roast Beans – Organic & Mountain Shade

21 June 2013 in Gourmet Coffee

The Mountain of Kilambé is one of the most famous growing regions in Nicaragua. At an elevation of 5700 ft, Kilambé is a National Protected Area, where the original flora and fauna of the Nicaraguan mountainside is available for lucky visitors to see.

From the highlands of Nicaragua, comes this precious cup of coffee that is full bodied, fruity, and with a distinct aroma of a singular cup of Joe. It stands for expertise and dedication, a privilege bestowed only to the most knowledgeable coffee aficionados.

Kilambé Gourmet Organic Coffee represents the best of what we have to offer; the most exceptional, the pinnacle of the World’s Coffee.

From the heart of the Americas come the most exquisite, richest, 100% Arabica beans, roasted to perfection to keep and enhance the flavor of a shade grown, hand picked, sun dried Nicaraguan coffee.

Kilambé Coffee – Medium Roast Beans – Organic & Mountain Shade Grown (Private Reserve) – 12 Oz.

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  • Kilambé Coffee Private Reserve Coffee is a special selection of coffee beans that have been roasted to a medium level. With a slightly oily sheen, the true character of the beans are revealed in this cup.
  • This cup is balanced, clean, refreshing and flavorful. Medium to full body, delicious aroma, medium to low acidity, with bittersweet chocolaty notes.
  • Grown on Mt. Kilambé, Nicaragua at an elevation of 5,700+ feet. SHG/SHB.
  • 100% Organic, environmentally friendly, mountain shade grown, sun dried, spring water washed.
  • Roasted and packed when ordered.
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21 June 2013 Gourmet Coffee