Guatemala Antigua Whole Bean Gourmet Coffee – 100% Arabica –

2 August 2018 in Gourmet Coffee

The process of achieving our intense flavor

This high quality arabica bean is organically grown, at a high altitude in Antigua Guatemala. After it has matured it is then wet processed, so the coffee bean can be removed from the pulp. Next follows the dry process, where it is dried at a lower than normal temperature for a longer period of time for an evenly dried bean, before being sent to our roasting facility in southern Florida.

We then perform a medium roast over a longer, slower process so the oils remain in the bean, and enable us to capture the profile perfectly.

The caffeine content is high because of the medium roasting process, and the taste is out of this world. It contains natural caramel notes.

About us

Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co. is a craft coffee roasting company based in Palm Beach, Florida. We are dedicated to seasonally hand selecting some of the world’s finest micro lot coffees. Our roasters work tirelessly to develop the ideal roast profile for each small batch of our single origin coffees. Each bean is artfully hand roasted to peak sweetness, highlighting the coffee’s most positive characteristics.

BUY NOW and experience the intense flavor of ethically sourced Antigua Guatemala coffee beans in our 12oz bag option

Guatemala Antigua Whole Bean Gourmet Coffee – 100% Arabica – Medium Roast – Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co. – 12 Ounce Bag

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2 August 2018 Gourmet Coffee