Whole Bean Organic Coffee – NAMATASTE – 1 LB – Nectar of Life

NAMATASTE – The only way to describe it is GREAT COFFEE! It’s the STANDARD which people use to define a great dark roast coffee!

NAMATASTE Organic Coffee By Nectar of Life is a FULL POUND (16 oz) of certified organic whole bean coffee roasted to a DEEP, DARK Fully City+ roast level. It contains ultra-premium coffees from Colombia, Sumatra and other exotic Indonesian origins. All coffees are CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC and FLO FAIR TRADE!

NAMATASTE is a BIG COFFEE! If you enjoy dark roasted coffees that fill your mouth with flavor and warm you to the core then this is the blend for you. It is full bodied, rich and chocolaty. There is a slight smoky note reminiscent of toasted nuts.

Nectar of Life is an FDA CERTIFIED roasting facility that ONLY roasts dual certified organic Fair Trade coffees. Namataste is the product of years (14+) of the tireless pursuit of gourmet organic coffee.


Dark roasted, Full City+. This coffee brews well as drip coffee, espresso, French Press, Aeropress and pour-over.

It is very big and dark with a slight bite (which disappears with milk or cream). It is AMAZING with a dash of cream or steamed milk. A rich mocha / chocolate taste with smoky toasted nuts, pecan, caramel and spices.

We bag coffees immediately after roasting. Coffee emits carbon dioxide gas (CO2) for several hours after roasting. Nectar of Life packages the coffee in heat sealed foil laminate bags equipped with one-way degassing valves. By immediately bagging the coffee oxygen is naturally flushed from the bags by the CO2 gas, which keeps the coffee fresh (unopened) for a full year. Some coffee roasters store pre-roasted coffee in silos and bag as needed. Even if they use nitrogen flushing and vacuum bagging their coffees are going to be stale. Once oxygen is introduced to roasted coffee (after degassing) the process of going stale has begun.

Whole Bean Organic Coffee – NAMATASTE – 1 LB – Nectar of Life Fair Trade Dark Roast Coffee Beans – USDA Certified Organic – Gourmet Organic Coffee

Price: $25.99

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  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND CERTIFIED FAIR TRADE - All Nectar of Life coffees are dual certified ORGANIC and FAIR TRADE. Namataste contains GOURMET GRADE Arabica coffees that are both FLO and Fair Trade USA certified FAIR TRADE.
  • 100% GOURMET ARABICA - Namataste contains ONE FULL POUND of DARK ROASTED (Fully City+) coffees from Colombia, Sumatra and others INDONESIAN gourmet coffees.
  • TASTE NOTES - FULL BODIED, chocolaty, nutty, smoky, earthy with a velvety body. LOW ACID COFFEE. HIGH CAFFEINE.
  • SMALL BATCH - Nectar of Life is a small batch ARTISAN roaster. Hand crafted coffee in small batches.
  • HIGH OCTANE - Naturally high in caffeine and low in acid. NAMATASTE contains high grown, gourmet Arabica coffees.
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