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Wicked Jack’s Tavern Captain’s Stash Gift Box (20-Ounce Rum

Wicked Jack's Tavern Captain's Stash Gift Box (20-Ounce Rum
Moist, buttery, full of flavor, Wicked Jack’s True Jamaican Butter Rum Cakes. As the story goes in the town of Port Royal, Jamaica, during a time and place where debauchery and mayhem were common, sat Wicked Jack’s Tavern. A respectable establishment frequented by any number of questionable characters such as buccaneers, sailors and others who desired a taste of some of the famous fare the Tavern was known for. Named after Wicked Jack Scarborough, a mysterious gent and original proprietor who founded the tavern and disappeared suddenly without a trace weeks after opening. Taking over the helm was a robust old widow, known to locals, as “Ol Gran” believed to be a cousin of Jack Scarborough. Who, despite her kindly demeanor drew a hard line with her clientele. Even the harshest patrons considered cleaning up their act a small cost to pay for the opportunity to indulge in some of Ol Gran’s specialties. Her most popular concoction was the tavern’s own rum cake. The legend of Wicked Jack’s Tavern lives. We believe delicious recipes made with the worlds best rum and combined with the finest ingredients is how Ol Gran built Wicked Jack’s reputation. Even if you’ve never sailed the seven seas, you can still taste the legendary goodness in every bite of our True Jamaican Rum Cake. There is no better rum than Jamaican Rum and no better rum cake than Wicked Jack’s Tavern. Wicked Jack’s Tavern Captain’s Stash Gift Box (20-Ounce Rum Cake & 12-Ounce Old Gran’s Butter Rum Ground Coffee)

Price: $42.84

Tortuga Rum Cake Sampler – 6 Rum Cakes

Tortuga Rum Cake Sampler - 6 Rum Cakes
Tortuga Rum Cake Sampler – The popular Tortuga Rum Cake, a favorite of cruise aficionados and Cayman Island visitors, is now available in a delightful sampler! Flavors include Banana, Chocolate, Coconut, Key Lime and Pineapple in addition to the original Tortuga Rum. Each mini rum cake serves approximately two people (the gift set will serve approximately 12 people). Cakes will keep six months – longer if refrigerated. The Tortuga Rum Cake Sampler is a unique and charming gourmet gift.

Price: $139,999.00