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Gourmet Cake Mix – Chocolate Pudding Cake – by Coy’s (Pack of 3)

Gourmet Cake Mix - Chocolate Pudding Cake - by Coy's (Pack of 3)
Coy’s offers a delicious line of baking mixes made with all natural ingredients. The easy-to-make Chocolate Pudding Cake mix produces a delicious baked item that you’ll be proud to share with friends and family. Simply add a few basic fresh ingredients, and soon you’ll have a scrumptious dessert to savor. The Chocolate Pudding cake is a moist and rich dessert that is preservative and additive free. So you get a delicious dessert free of artificial ingredients. Treat your family to a wholesome and tasty dessert with this easy-to-make cake mix. It’s simple – just add butter and water to the mix and bake! The decadent chocolate cake will rise to perfection on your oven, filling your home with a sweet, chocolate aroma. Serve the rich dessert with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit topping, or drizzle caramel sauce over it to complete the beautiful dessert. The chocolate cake mix comes in a beautiful reusable cloth bag, making it great for gift-giving. Your order will include three Chocolate Pudding Cake mixes, 22oz per mix. Each mix makes a 9×9 inch cake. These mixes will be shipped direct to you from our warehouse.