Olivelle World Traveler Spice Collection Travel Spice Kit – 12

3 September 2017 in Gourmet Spices

Taste and experience the world through the flavor of each culture while building your repertoire of worldly inspired spices with this curated World Traveler Spice Collection. Quality ingredients and flavors can inspire greatness in the kitchen, so go ahead, be GREAT and discover the art of flavor!

Set includes:

  • Indian Garam Masala
  • Jamaican Jerk
  • Lebanese Za’atar
  • Kansas City BBQ Dry Rub
  • French Herbs de Provence
  • Mexican Adobo
  • Greek Tzatziki
  • Japanese Shichimi Togarashi
  • Portuguese Piri Piri
  • Chinese 5 Spice
  • Moroccan Ras El Hanout
  • Egyptian Dukkah

Olivelle World Traveler Spice Collection Travel Spice Kit – 12 Artisan Spice Blends

Price: $25.00

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  • 12 REGIONAL SPICES - Portuguese peri-peri, Chinese five spice, Moroccan ras el hanout, French herbs de provence, Greek tzatzkiki, Jamaican jerk, Lebanse za'atar, Kansas City BBQ dry rub, Egyptian dukkah, Mexican adobo, Indian garam marsala, and Japanese shichimi togarashi Each .21oz (6g)
  • PORTUGESE PIRI PIRI - Piri Piri meaning "pepper pepper" is derived from the African birds eye chili. CHINESE 5 SPICE - With hints of star anise, nutmeg, and cardamon, 5 Spice is an impeccable blend of flavors. RAS EL HANOUT - Arabic for "head of the shop" or "top shelf" this blend of over 12 premium spices. EGYPTIAN DUKKAH Serve this roasted spice mixture as a dip with extra virgin olive oil and pita bread.
  • INDIAN GARAM MASALA - Meaning "hot spice" this northern Indian blend is proprietary in each household. JAMAICAN JERK - Jamaica's iconic seasoning full of sweet and spicy flavors. LEBANESE ZA'ATAR - The depth from thyme and sesame seeds make this earthly blend a addition. KANSAS CITY BBQ DRY RUB - Fire up the grill! This dry rub adds a perfect blend of spice.
  • FRENCH HERBS DE PROVENCE An aromatic mixture of summer herbs grown on the south of France. MEXICAN ADOBO - A peppy blend of chilies and spices excellent for rubbing or marinating. GREEK TZTZIKI - Add this zesty dill and citrus seasoning straight to Greek yogurt. JAPANESE SHICHIMI TOGARASHI - Dating back to the 17th century Tokyo, Shichimi's blend of chili, citrus, and herbal flavors enhance.
  • BUILD YOUR REPERTOIRE of worldly inspired spices with this curated collection.
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3 September 2017 Gourmet Spices