FRENCH VANILLA CREME Flavoring by Flavor Essence (Unsweetened,

29 April 2017 in Gourmet Coffee Cakes

Very clean fresh vanilla with a sweet aroma and soft texture that brings about a creamy custard backdrop onto your palette. In beverages like coffee and tea this flavoring will smooth off the the bight or acidity of coffees and teas (or alcohol-based drinks). In all applications this will provide a soft rich background flavor.

In cookie mixes, French toast batters, bread doughs and cake mixes, the French Vanilla Creme differs from extracts in that it is more of a mellow and integrated component that enriches the primary flavors as a subtle backdrop to your recipe. It is very versatile; use French Vanilla Creme to gently lace your beverages, yogurt or batters with soft aromas and tastes of vanilla bean, creamy custard and suggestions of sweetness –yet there are no sugars or fats within it.

Made as cleanly and simply as possible (vegan) with natural flavors, water and alcohol –unlike extracts, the alcohol here is purposely minimized to a very nominal level of less than 1/30th of a teaspoon per serving.]

You can flavor anything your own way, and flavor it to your own desired levels of strength. Each 2 ounce bottle will flavor approximately 24+ beverages, and in batters and baking projects, one bottle will flavor approximately a dozen batches.

It will add fun to your beverages and creative food recipes –without any sweeteners, sodium or fats. Like our other flavors, it is styled to play a well-behaved supportive role, that doesn’t dominate over the primary flavors of your beverages and food recipes. Try this in coffees, teas, shakes and smoothies, yogurt, French Toast and pancakes batters, cookie doughs, muffin/cake mixes, whipped creams and frostings. It is limited only by your imagination!

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FRENCH VANILLA CREME Flavoring by Flavor Essence (Unsweetened, Natural Background Flavoring) 2 Oz.| For Beverages: coffee/tea, shakes, smoothies, bar drinks. For Foods: baking, doughs, batters, frostings, yogurt

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  • Beyond extracts-- this is dainty, fresh vanilla with a creamy finish. Behaves as a clean background (secondary) flavor, and is highly versatile for creative people. This is "the flavor, and just the flavor". Unsweetened- no sugars, no fats, no sodium, no carbohydrates. Contains water, alcohol and natural flavor only. (alc less than 1/30th of a teaspoon per serving)
  • Gourmet quality -no allergens, vegan friendly, diabetic friendly, athlete friendly. Its a fun & tasty background flavoring. but its still no nonsense--> "the flavor and just the flavor"
  • 2 Oz bottles, with a flip top and a portion-controllable reducer so you can easily "flavor to your own tastes" in beverages or measure precisely into foods. Very portable, and easily storeable in the kitchen.
  • *Usage 1--> [Will flavor about 30+ servings]. Squeeze & stir to taste into any beverage like coffee, smoothie, shake, cocktail or into prepared foods like yogurt, oatmeal. Also alter the flavor of whipped cream and maple syrup.
  • * Usage 2--> [Will flavor about 12 batches] Dress up your pancake/waffle/crepe batters, muffin mixes, cookie doughs, cakes & frostings.
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29 April 2017 Gourmet Coffee Cakes