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From You Flowers – Birthday Cupcakes Dipped in Belgian

From You Flowers - Birthday Cupcakes Dipped in Belgian
Cupcakes are the quintessential birthday treat. These delicious cupcakes are dipped in Belgian Chocolate and are absolutely delicious. Send them your Birthday wishes in a way that is both thoughtful and delicious. Chocolate contains milk and soy. This product is made in a facility that manufactures products containing one or more of the following ingredients: peanuts, tree nuts, soybeans milk, eggs and wheat. From You Flowers – Birthday Cupcakes Dipped in Belgian Chocolate – 12 Pieces

Price: $49.99

Project 7 Gourmet Gum Varieties – Includes Coconut Lime,

Project 7 Gourmet Gum Varieties - Includes Coconut Lime,
The Project 7 Variety Pack brings you great-tasting gourmet gums in eight different flavors. Enjoy the taste of the Coconut Lime; while you revel in the sweet and creamy taste of the Wedding Cake. Relish in a classic summer treat brought by the Rainbow Ice; and reminisce the taste of your first smooch with the refreshing mint flavor of the First Kiss. The blend of Madagascar vanilla and eucalyptus will provide you a traditional peppermint taste with the Peppermint Vanilla; and the Grapefruit Melon will let you appreciate its sweet and sour combination. Enjoy the refreshing flavor of the Front Porch Lemonade Gum; and revel in the Birthday Cake flavor as if it’s your birthday every day. Whatever flavor it is that you desire, there is something from Project 7. These gums do not contain sugar and gluten. They are vegetarian, and are perfect for health conscious individuals who still want to enjoy the taste of gum. This variety pack comes in eight packs, with one pack of each flavor. Each pack comes in a 15-gram re-sealable pouch, and contains 12 pieces of gum. Project 7 aims to do well around the globe. Not only are the Gourmet Gums have good taste, but they also exist to change the world. Make a difference one gum at a time. Project 7 Gourmet Gum Varieties – Includes Coconut Lime, Wedding Cake, Rainbow Ice, Etc – no Sugar, no Gluten, and Vegetarian – 12 Pieces, 8-Pack

NolaCajun Gourmet Filled King Cake (14 Flavors) (Apple)

NolaCajun Gourmet Filled King Cake (14 Flavors) (Apple)’s Filled King Cake is an oval-shaped cinnamon cake that is made from our fresh-daily gourmet Danish pastry dough which is iced and decorated with sugars in the Mardi Gras Carnival colors of purple (for justice), green (for faith), and gold (for power) and filled with 1 of our 14 special fillings. A tiny, plastic baby representing the infant Jesus is inserted into the cake. Tradition holds that the person who gets the piece with the baby in it is obligated to bring a king cake to the next party. This cake feeds approximately 30 people. This king cake ships overnight.

Price: $60.94

Maddy & Maize Birthday Cake gourmet popcorn

Maddy & Maize Birthday Cake gourmet popcorn
What first started out as a hobby, making unique and delicious popcorn out of our home kitchen, quickly became an obsession. We strive for complete transparency, using only the best ingredients without artificial flavors and colorings – all natural, always real. We found a way to make it insanely delicious, and our promise is to give you the best of everything we have. We wouldn’t want anything else for Maddy – or for you. Made with organic cane sugar and all-natural sprinkles from fruit and vegetable extracts. All-Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Peanut-Free, Vegan

Price: $5.99

Old Fashioned Gourmet Bakery Gift-Includes: Chocolate Chip

Old Fashioned Gourmet Bakery Gift-Includes: Chocolate Chip
DO YOU WANT YOUR GIFT TO MAKE THE MOST LASTING IMPRESSION EVER? MACADAMIA COOKIES: These macadamia cookies are a classic. Crisp, chewy and just-the-right amount of macadamia nut! PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES: Buttery and moist, these peanut butter cookies are rich in flavor and bursting in each bite. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES: Ultra this, soft, classic and scrumptious chocolate chunk cookies! OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIES: A rich, buttery, brown sugar and oat cookies with a hint of cinnamon and a bunch of juicy raisins! So, good! ASSORTED RUGELACH: Our rugelach will warm the heart of every taster! A satiny soft dough wraps around an assortment of fillings: cinnamon, chocolate chip, raspberry and apricot. CHOCOLATE CRUMB CAKE: A moist fluffy chocolate cake topped with a thick crumb topping and drizzled with a semi-sweet chocolate sauce. THERES A REASON WHY OUR CUSTOMERS KEEP BUYING FROM US AGAIN & AGAIN… Quality & presentation is our top priority. Each package is completely self-designed by Dulcet to mark its brand goals and high expectations; that is the reason why our customers keep buying us again and again! Satisfaction guaranteed, buy us with confidence! Old Fashioned Gourmet Bakery Gift-Includes: Chocolate Chip Cookie, Macadamia Nut Cookie, Peanut Butter Cookie, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Rugelach, Chocolate Crumb cake. Great Gift Basket!

Price: $39.00