Assorted McCormick Bulk Essential Spices Variety Pack, 8 Count

Garlic Powder is a kitchen staple. Sourced for superior quality, this garlic adds rich deep flavor to just about any dish. Use 1/4 teaspoon for every clove of fresh garlic. Fresh flavor guaranteed.

McCormick onion powder contains whole white onions that have been dehydrated and ground. You can use it as a substitute when a recipe calls for fresh. It will deliver just the right amount of sharp, slightly sweet onion flavor that sets the stage for deliciousness in any savory dish.

Paprika adds sweet pepper flavor and vibrant color to deviled eggs and potato and pasta salads. Sprinkle on chicken, fish, goulash and roasted potatoes. Fresh flavor guaranteed.

McCormick oregano is a robust herb with a peppery bite and a sweet, almost minty aroma. It’s a zesty addition to any Mediterranean dish, especially tomato sauce for pasta or pizza.

Cumin’s rich, hearty warmth flavors recipes from around the globe-American chili, Middle Eastern kebabs, Chinese stir-fries and Indian lentils. Use it in vegetable or meat soups, stews, rubs, and marinades.

This blend of chili peppers and spices gives a deep rich flavor and color to Southwestern chili, tacos, and beans. Use to season chicken or beef before roasting or grilling. Fresh flavor guaranteed.

McCormick cinnamon begins with sustainably harvested bark from Indonesian cinnamon trees. You can expect consistent quality, with just the right warmth and sweetness for sweet and savory dishes.

Carefully harvested basil is gently dried to retain its natural color, aroma and flavor. Essential in most tomato-sauced Italian dishes. Fresh flavor guaranteed.

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  • Variety Pack includes: (1) Garlic Powder 21 oz, (1) Onion Powder 22 oz, (1) Oregano 5 oz, (1) Dark Chili Powder 20 oz, (1) Paprika 18.4 oz, (1) Ground Cumin 14 oz, (1) Ground Cinnamon 18 oz, (1) Basil Leaves 5 oz
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